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"Anti-social behavior is a trait of intelligence in a world full of conformists."


  • TweetingMaven

    This is a fake quote. Hoax.

    • Adam Helms

      Actually Nikola Telsa was very anti-social and withdrawn from society, so its not too far fetched that he would say something of this magnitude.

      • TweetingMaven

        It is a hoax. Your opinion as you whether or not Tesla might have agreed with the statement (it is incredibly poorly formulated; Tesla never wrote or spoke this poorly and I am embarrassed on his behalf) or not is irrelevant. It ought to be disclaimed or removed.

        • frozenfool

          LOL @ internet police here.

        • Adam Helms

          Butthurt much?

      • John Hamilton

        He was asocial, NOT ANTISOCIAL. Tesla would have known the difference.

    • Thanks for noticing this mistake, I have changed author name to Unknown.

    • Mostly Amelinda

      do you know what a hoax is?
      do you know what a quote is?